VMWare - Process Control Systems

ANUBIS specialises in the migration of conventional process control server hardware to a virtual VMWare environment consisting of a host server and a SAN where the virtual servers reside. The original hardware servers undergo a physical to vitual conversion (P2V) or in some instances the client may require an upgrade from legacy 32 bit application software to new 64 bit applicaitons on the latest OS.

Benefits are substantial:

  • Total cost of ownership reduced (reduction from 17 physical servers to 3 Host servers and SAN for 3 large plants typical)
  • Ability to replicate the entire environement in the event of a failure is simple
  • Creation and expansion of the environment is easy
  • ILO remote support
  • Utilisation of Microsoft Data Centre licenses reduces cost of licensing
  • Network traffic more efficient as communications resides in one environment
  • Proven PLC, Data Servers, Visualisation, Historian, Reporting and Control efficiency
  • Reduced downtime of hardware failures
  • Ease of management and reduced support costs

ANUBIS Design and implementation consists of:

  • Determine installed base and network architecture and loading
  • Design Host, Replication and SAN for the plant area
  • Determine client requirements - Straight migration, Upgrade of software or as per our recommendation a combinaiton of both.
  • Offsite hardware configuration and building of the environment inclusive of new servers if a software upgrade is required.
  • Onsite migration of the existing environemnt - Generally downtime is not required for this process
  • Moving of environament from physical to virtual
  • Mothball or re-allocate legacy servers as required.

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Process Control Systems:

Experience in all process control application software approved by OEM (Rockwell Automation, Wonderware Corporation projects 2014)

Process Control, VIrtualisation and Network specialists for design and implementation

Full documentation packages provided as-built

Remote monitoring and support of the site anywhere in Africa with adequate internet connectivity.