June 2021

ANUBIS has been awarded a contract to increase the cutter speed of an IHC cutter suction dredger.  This entails hydraulics (IHC Design & Supply), Electrical, Automation, Deck infrstructure and HVAC. 

May 2020

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The two skid mounted 750kW slurry pump stations designed and built by ANUBIS have been put into service along with the 600tph dry screening machine to increase the dry mining capacitly.  The 2nd skid mounted scalper will be delivered in June 2020.

October 2019

Progress on the delivery of the ROM DMU has enabled delivrey 16 weeks from order.  Currently all the equipment is being prepared for shipping. 

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August 2019

ANUBIS awarded tender by Madagascar client to design, fabricate and commission a 1200tph dry mining plant consisting of screening system, transfer conveyor, 750kW skid mounted pump station as well as a booster of the same capacity.  The design uses Rockwell Automation technology for drives, switchgear, PLC control systems and instrumentation.  It is fully designed inhouse and will be delivered fit-for-purpose. 

July 2019

ANUBIS delivers mobile scalper machine to Madagascar client.  It will be used in Minerals Sands on a dry mining unit (DMU) to remove troublesome overburden vegetation before the slurry feed bin. ANUBIS is a Pilot Crushtec partner in Madagascar providing robust and proven mining equipment. 


Jan 2019

ANUBIS Pty Ltd supports a remote village school in the Trankei with essential school stationary and equipment.  Our visit and contribution to Ndengane school hopefully makes a significant difference to the teachers and pupils.

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Dec 2018

ANUBIS completes skid mounted MCCs for delivery to Mozambique in late December. These are typically 33kV/400V units complete with air-conditioning, MV RMU Switchgear, Tranformer, Variable Speed drive and pushblocks to enable them to be moved using mobile equipment. 


September 2018

ANUBIS SARL Madagascar completed the migration of Rockwell PF700H VSDs to the PF755.  The PF700H is obsolete and the modular PF755s were installed during a two week Wet Plant shutdown.  The drives sizes ranged from 510A to 1000A and were installed and commissioned safely and on time.

1000A PowerFlex 755 VSD

March 2018

ANUBIS attended the Rockwell Automation partners conference held at the Hilton Hotel in Athens, Greece.  The 3-day event detailed new technologies available such as Thin Manager, PowerFlex 755 drives and the concept of Connected Enterprise to highlight the IoT (Internet of Things) data availability. 

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January 2018

ANUBIS Mozambique successfuly completes the construction and commissioning of a 20tph pilot plant to provide bulk HMC samples for the mineral sands industry. The project was executed with limited expat resources and used local companies and green labour without any harm to employees and equipment. Local communites were fully involved in the project.

August 2017

AML in Mozambique making good progress on construction of a Mineral Sands bulk sampling plant.  Road and Earth works are 50% complete and concrete work to be completed within the next 2-3 weeks.  The plant has been assembled and ready for installation when the concrete work has been completed.  Process water dam has been excavated for preparation of the lining.

IMG 0207

June 2017

ANUBIS MOCAMBIQUE LIMITADA (AML) has been awarded a contract after successfully tendering on a 20tph pilot plant and infrastructure scope of work.  The contract will start in July 2017 and will take approximately 7 months.  The contract includes roads, bulk earthworks, process water and slimes dam and other infrastructure for the assembly and commissioning of a spiral separation plant, that will enable production of bulk samples of HMC from local orebodies under exploration consideration. 

April 2017

ANUBIS MOCAMBIQUE LIMITADA (AML) has upgraded its buisness license in Mozambique to an ALVARA Level 6 that enables us to operate at a construciton level in more diverse projects. AML intends to increase our Rockwell Automation presence in Mozambique.

Feb 2017

Orders received for our design of containerised datacentres for new gold mining operation in West Africa.  Our tough bulltet proof design suits deployment of high cost capital communiations and IT infrastructure in severe desert locations.

05 July 2016

ANUBIS SARL Madagascar has been awarded a contract for the refurbishment of a highly corroded section of a refinery.  The contract will require mobilisation of experienced expats and a large team of Malagasy who will be trained for a range of skills.  

02 March 2016

Reconnaissance of a diamond rich area in Angola by our team including engineers and geologist required improvised accommodation on a vehicle pontoon.  Abnormally high rainfall in the region resulted in extreme conditions.  The results of this primary investigation will establsh the requirements for the exploration phase of the project. A pilot recovery plant will be operational in the region by the beginning of June 2016. Recovery by artisinal miners with limited equipment confirms the anticipated recovery for the area using heavy equipnent and technology. 

IMG 2212

03 February 2016

ANUBIS has been awarded a joint ownership alluvial diamond mining concession with the option of a 2nd in a remote region of Angola. ANUBIS SA will provide all the engineering design for the processsing which will consist of both river and land based excavation.  Geological studies and site visit by our geologist along with historical data indicate a rich resource. Camp establishment will be completed 1st quarter 2016 and operation and processing by the end of the 2nd quarter 2016.  The two listed concessions are 51% owned by the ANGOLAN Government. 

22 December 2015

In our opinion Companies should be warned of doing business in Sudan due to a culture of non-payment for services and goods.  The Ministry of Mining in Khartoum is promoting the  growth in Mining through an Expo this year (SIMFE 2016).  Our experiences with ‘reputable’ Companies in Khartoum have left us with no legal recourse through their system to recover debt for Engineering &  Mining services (Gold Mining).  This is common in Sudan.  Be warned and beware of those offering payment through Dubai as it seems extermely attractive.

14 March 2015

Gold Mining: ANUBIS have been onsite in North Africa to collect composite samples (Tailings and ROM) on behalf our our client (Alpha Diesel Dubai) for lab testing in South Africa. On completion of the study the design of a number of gravity and CIL plants ranging in size from 5-10tph will be designed, constructed and commissioned. A full range of services have been provided from process engineers, Geologists and plant designers specialiing in gold abstraction. 


10 February 2015

ANUBIS has designed, installed and commissioned a solar PV System using 3kW VICTRON inverter and 48V 200Ah batteries for a data centre.  The system was designed to provide a reliable backup to power losses due to load shedding in South Africa.  Protection and battery charge management complies with IEC standards and efficient battery protection algorithm.  VICTRON energy inverters are leading technology providing a true sine-wave efficient supply.


06 October 2014

FAT for a client VMWare server virtualisation project is near completion at our Bailito offices.  HP G180 servers are hosting the Rockwell Automation process control virtual servers inclusive of Historian, Engineering terminals, HMI, Asset Centre and MES.  HP Thin clients will replace redundant XP Workstations.  The virtual environement consists of two hosts, one replication server and replaces 17 physical machines. 


29 August 2014

Completion of a surge bin overflow chute from the trommel using our block tiles.  The tiles are fastened using stainless steel studs and a stud welder.  No holes in the chute creating leaks and poor housekeeping.  


4 October 2013

ANUBIS takes delivery of five 1.1MW 10 Pole 525V WEG Motors for a pump station project.  The motors will be installed and commissioned using Siemens variable speed drives with Schneider switchgear.  The control system is Rockwell Automation.  


19 July 2013

ANUBIS is currently working on a pilot oil project in Africa.



15 May 2013

ANUBIS has partnered with Jeenel Technologies for the supply of an industrial standard power supply for high tension roll (HTR) and plate machines.  The South African technology applied to these power supplies makes it the only real solution available in the market and where an average arc is controlled in such a manner that separation is only compromised for durations less than 5ms.  There is great interest from users who are tired of laboratory spec power supplies that fail as they are not suited for industrial applications.  Datasheet available on request. 


50kV 30mA High Voltage Power supply for HTR separators. 

11 April 2013

Preparations are underway for the delivery of the first of 5 mobile slurry pumpstations for Richards Bay, South Africa.  The pumpstations (skids) are designed to be hauled by dozers and are equipped with 1.1MW 525V electric motors driving a 14/12 Warman pump.  The skids are self contained with a 525V MCC, E-Room ventilation, Control station and 33kV/525V transformer.  


31 March 2013

ANUBIS PTY LTD and BMG HYDRAULICS Joint venture are in the process of upgrading the hydraulic and electrical infrastructure of a 5000tph cutter suction dredger in Madagascar.  The team comprising of hydraulic fitters, riggers, welders, electricians and automation specialists are working in difficult environmental and ambient conditions (high wind, heat and humidity).  Logistics for shipping of the 25 tons of equipment from Durban South Africa to the dredger was critical for the success of the project.  



20 December 2012

ANUBIS has completed final commissioning of the Mouhoun River scheme in Burkina Faso. We supplied, installed and commissioned all the Mechanical, Electrical and Automation infrastructure which included the 6.6kV Schneider distribution panels.  The  3 set parallel 220kW pump train and motors are controlled using Schneider variable speed drives with Modicon Quantum and M340 PLCs.  Operator control uses Magelis HMI in the main pump station.  The MCC panels are Siemens 400V withdrawable buckets and sub-feeders with a Schneider incomer.  The scheme supplies approximately 500m³ per hour of river water through a 30km ductile iron pipeline to the gold mining operation naturlal reservoir.  ANUBIS built the 6.6kV overhead line and custom built the distribution E-Room using Hi-Cube containers.  Local electrical contractors were used for the installation and are highly efficient and experienced. (Sébastien Diallo AEE)